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Norouz Villa

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Damavand, Tehran, Iran

450 m2

Lead Architect:

Ali Hamidi Moghadam


Siamak Khaksar, Nastaran Rasoulian, Hesam Mohsenpour, Hasan Barzegar


Private Sector

For designing this villa which is the smallest but the most interesting project In our firm, we visited the site with the client. It was a garden with a small building inside.

During our 4 hour visit, we documented the client’s living trend, and it was the first stage of our design process.

We were to design a building that as the villa is located inside the garden; the garden also enters the villa. In another words, we considered the influence of this two on each other, that as the people have their own privacy inside the villa, they are predominant to the garden in all the spots inside the building. Actually, it was our challenging idea in this project.

This project consists of various spaces in same integration that each acts as a single box inside the garden. It does not matter whether they are located inside like the bedrooms, bath, kitchen or outside like the pool, balcony, escalator, each can be considered as a single villa inside the garden.


2. bedroom box

1. site-the garden

4. bedroom box , kitchen box + living room box

3. bedroom box , kitchen box

6. it consists of a terrace, a roof terrace and a terrace staircase

5. we added a semi open space as a connection to the garden

8. connecting the nature with the building

7. people can have all the views to the garden

10. extending the living space to the garden as a terrace

9. nature pass under building

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