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Lavizan Mixed-use Complex

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Lavizan, Tehran, Iran

40,000 m2

Lead Architect:

Ali Hamidi Moghadam


Siamak Khaksar, Hanieh Morvarid Foroush, Ehsan Naderi, Hesam Mohsenpour


 Tehran Municipality

Terraces voids and plazas in connection with nature, has created a dynamic complex to create a little district that apart from being self sufficient for its internal operations, it can be effective in this part of the city. and it can be located as an empty  space adjacent to the pure natural green space in the neighborhood. Both are created for each other to highlight each other .this steep ground is defined by these buildings in a way that the users discover new spaces continuously in that..Because people have a different behavior in each part of it. it is like We are always watching a movie here where all the factors, except, the location is changing. Every time there is a new movie! and this is the reason that we see the people again in this place but always we observe a different behavior of them on the basis of their spatial experience. All these are integrated in the final space which is a public-private that composes a new type of bazaar.

1. optimum use from the 6 meter variance in topography on both sides of the site

2. primary volume according to client demands

3. physical program distribution and separation

4. creating void inside the volume as an interface to connect the nature and the city

5. folding the volume to shrink the scale so that it can be related itself to the city and the nature

6. expanding the city view to the nature with creating an urban terrace

7. adopting the urban terrace in tow levels in the continuity of city and nature

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