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Lavasani Administrative, Commercial Complex

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Farmanieh, Tehran, Iran

75,000 m2

Lead Architect:

Ali Hamidi Moghadam


Hesam Mohsenpour, Ehsan Naderi, Hasan Barzegar


Tehran Municipality

How a huge building in the city could not be seen (as a barrier in the city)  but act as an interface between buildings and urban spaces, and how it can create added value for the its district? The Lavasani commerce-office-and-entertainment tower with parking space was defined by employer in one of the crowded but lucrative districts of Farmaniyeh .But the traffic in this part of the city was a new issue in this project, so that we solved this problem with designing new sufficient parking spaces for the area in addition to the project’s program .The most important and effective element of the actual situation that led us choose this site is, court yards(voids) that had been formed over the years .We shaped the project in a process like its environment based on these elements in a way that it satisfies all the needs of the employer .During this process ,the higher the tower is more harmonious with the surrounding urban spaces becomes that its harmony is salient in the form .because of occurred form and the voids, the building does not violate any perspective and view of the urban. This highlighted form in the view of the city, adapts the tower with its surroundings .it becomes appealing as a perspective and works as a regulator in the urban spaces . This void has risen from the ground to the sky, and as long as the building is placed among other buildings ,it organizes all the spaces linked together, and also links the tower to the city.

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