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Iran Flag Landscape

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Abbasabad Hills, Tehran, Iran

40 hec

Lead Architect:

Ali Hamidi Moghadam


Siamak Khaksar, Hesam Mohsenpour, Hanieh Morvarid Foroush, Ehsan Naderi


Tehran Municipality

How could an appropriate context for a glory of the flag of a country be built on a history of an splendid nature?


Located in Taleqani forest park in AbasAbad hills, a 144 m high flagpole and its 1000 sqm flag, is being raised as a symbol of national solidarity and personal Authenticity, which needs an area with the minimum of site intervention for special ceremonies.

This contect has placed the oldest tree of the country which is the sign and flag of the country. Therefore, the root at this tree should be distributed inside the site.

We inscribed the map of Iran at the center of the flag pole as a sacred space around the flag which overlapped the Garden museum of holy defense. By this we also placed the holy Imam Reza shrine on the map on the monument of eight missing martyrs located in front of the museum which is connected to the flag with a luminous way as a symbol of martyr presence.

Nonetheless, the Caspian Sea and Persian Gulf will be located in the northern and southern part of the area with their own name as waterfronts.

Two static membrane in the main area of the flag creates a fine glorious space. The glossy outside skin’s angle is set out as we can have the reflection of the trees on it and simultaneously the view to the flag. In the space between two membranes we considered the flag museum and stepped pathways which brings the person alone to the highest level to become unified with the flag. All the roots or the distributed shiny pathways are flooded inside the luminous void, which is a land art, around the flagpole to raise the slag.


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