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Correction & Rehabilitation Center

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Guine Equatorial, Bata

26,000 m2

Lead Architect:

Ali Hamidi Moghadam


Siamak Khaksar, Hanieh Morvarid Foroush, Ehsan Naderi, Hesam Mohsenpour, Hasan Barzegar


RIGE Company

How can architecture act as a strategic role in the society and allow maximum freedom to the prisoners and make maximum connection with the outside?


The employer presented us as teep forested as a site .With the review of classic prisons patterns and their restructuring, we wanted to change their lifestyle with the introduction of a new structure to be more than just a statement of human rights in the prisons .,mean while, the concerns behind them, is their self-esteem and apparent concern for prisoners is their families distance and their livelihoods. It has always brought some issues and social concerns for the families.

Modules such as prisoners cells, each of which provides a dedicated space, but it is under control .Weal so shared the space ,natural light and gave them a part of nature and by devoting about 15sq.m.Roofgardenfor agriculture in each module (the total number is significant).It was built as a basis for work and earning of each individual prisoner .The prison also works as a regular of the economic cycle that takes place outside the prison to act as a Supplier of raw materials .Society will never be without prisoner but these verity of the offense is what that could be changeable. boundary of Inside and outside of the prison are two borders with a distance of each other the inner border is the usual walls of the prison .And the Exterior wall, is the fence, and is like a service to the prison.

it is a local residence and a comfort space for the families of the prisoners which includes entrance to the prison, in mates' families side boarding house, restaurant, recreational space, parking and comfortable spaces .In this prison strategies are used in a way that architecture helps within the social and economic problems around the phenomenon of imprisonment, it shows itself with the foundation for strengthening of the families and solving social problems caused by families separation.


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