Harmonic Trend [L]

Iranian Modern & Contemporary Exhibition and Symposiumin in Tokyo

with presence of Arta Isuzaki

"Resident of Inexistence Land" presentation

This presentation was held at university of Kordestan with the title of "Resident of Inexistence Land", presented by Ali Hamidi Moghadam.


"Welcome To My World" presentation

This presentation was held at university of Tehran with the title of "Welcome To My World", presented by Ali Hamidi Moghadam.


"How the Design Begins?"

 is the subject of "Sefid" architecture TV Serie.

Mutual Seminar of Selected Architects of Iran and Austria

Sixth Iran Interior Architecture Prize Jury

Ali Hamidi Moghadam was entitled to be a member of "Sixth Iran Interior Architecture Prize".

"Sharestan Magazine" Unveiling Ceremony

this magazine contains critiques of Harmonic Trend [L] projects

"Sharestan Magazine" Seminar

with the subject of Diagrams of Architecture


"Yes Is More" Unveiling Ceremony

The ceremony was held in Soureh University amphitheater with the presence of special guests: Bahram Shirdel, Aydin Aghdashlou, Amir Pouria, Amir mohammad Khani, Ahmad  Zohadi, Houman Balazadeh , Hosted by Ali Hamdidi Moghadam design and creativity  director of Harmonic Trend [L].

"Yes Is More” persian was publish

Result of a two year effort, for the first time an architecture office in Iran acted as a publisher, to promote the theory in the architects community. Yes is More the manifesto of BIG , was published in Persian as the 12th language it sees its translation. The book consists of 400 pages design achievements  and approach of BIG.

 Nader Teherani's Architecture Review

Ali Hamidi Moghadam invited to be a member of panel of this event. This event was held at faculty of fine arts, at the university of Tehran.

 Kai-uwe Bergmann BIG partner visits Iran

Hosting Kai-Uwe the BIG partner in Tehran in his visit to Tehran. This is the second time Harmonic trends Office hosts one the partners of its collaborator office BIG. Last time it happened on 2009 within a lecture series given by Bjarke Ingles.

Bjarke Ingels's Travel to Iran

Invited by Harmonic Trend [L]

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